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Ekamant - Sandpaper for metal

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I have finally found sandpaper for metal

Me and my wife recently decided to fix up our garden a bit. We have not had the time to do it since we moved into our new house and the garden did not look great when we bought the house. We have already planted a whole bunch of flowers and cleaned up the garden so it looks neat, but we would like to find garden furniture that we can place under a big tree in the garden. The problem is that we can not find any garden furniture that we like, and the old furniture that we have since before we do not like anymore. The old furniture is made out of wood, which looks great, however, we have had to sand it down and lacquer it every time before the summer comes around since it gets ugly from being outside the whole autumn and winter.

We would instead like to find garden furniture made out of steel, but we have not been able to find any that we like yet, even though we have been looking for a while. I have always loved to fix things around the house and to build things so I have now decided that I am going to build my own garden furniture. I have bought the material that I need, and I already have the tools, the only thing I have had a hard time finding is sandpaper for metal. I have looked in multiple places, but not many stores sell sandpaper for metal around here, and the few that do, do not have any of better quality. Therefore, I started looking for sandpaper for metal online and I found a website that sells many different types of sandpaper. I have now ordered a couple of different types of sandpaper for metal and I can not wait until it comes in the mail so that I can finally start building our new garden furniture.